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About Us

In 1982, owner Rory Wood, armed with an MBA degree and a thesis on establishing a wood distribution company, set out on a lifelong quest to supply craftsmen with beautiful woods from around the world.

In his home town of Cape Town, South Africa, Rory helped beautify homes and public places by changing the status quo where cabinet makers had to accept the 6 basic woods then available, to the present day where they have access to 169 different species that Rare Woods SA currently offers.

Cape Town is now accepted as the "WOOD CAPITAL" of South Africa and everywhere one can see magnificent examples of wood that will have a timeless appeal for generations to come.


Rare Woods USA carries 150 types of wood, amongst them, the following specialities:-

- Wild Olive - Pink Ivory
- Tulipwood
- Satinwood (East Indian)
- Kingwood
- Boxwood
- Zebrawood

Customers include cabinet makers, furniture makers, millwork shops, boat builders, luthiers, building contractors, wood turners, carvers and hobbyists.

Our distribution centre is situated in the picturesque Western Mountains and Lakes area of Maine. Visits to our showroom are welcome by appointment, or you can place orders via telephone or e-mail (with fully functional internet shopping to come).

We have built up an incredible stockholding and are waiting for your call or visit to come and take advantage of it. In the meantime, do take the opportunity to sign up for our newsletters so that we can keep you informed of our regular specials.
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From vibrant Cape Town, South Africa... beautiful Maine, USA
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Located in beautiful Maine, USA

Come and explore our huge warehouse, with its large showroom and convenient racking to aid selection

Perhaps take in some of our wonderful Maine woods while you're here

With huge stocks of gorgeous exotic lumber from the four corners of the earth

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